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3D/Virtual Reality Portraits


Bring Your Pet Into the Future

Traditional portraits are beautiful. They have have long been a way to capture and honor important and influential characters.....but in 3D, immersive portraits really come alive! See a bigger-than-life representation of your special friend.


Immersive Yourself in 3D with Your Pet

Sharing the same virtual space as your pet reinstills feelings of companionship and comfort and well as overall feeling of wellbeing and stress relief. Bring those memories and feelings back into your life any time you wish.


Acquire a Flexible, Long-Lasting Representation of Your Pet

One of the benefits of digital is its longevity, as well as its ability to morph into different media types, images, movies, audio, Instagram, 3D, all of which can be shared and cherished forever.

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About Me

Multimedia artist with 25 years of experience with a specialty in virtual reality. Recognized globally in art shows and magazines and the Journal of Contemporary Painting. Collaborates and participates in community work involving art and therapy work through the use of virtual reality and psychology.

I live where I was born, in San Francisco, CA with my husband...and we can't have pets because he's allergic!


  • VR Burn Festival, 2019
  • NYC Big City Nights Art Show, June 2018
  • Journal of Contemporary Painting, August 2018
  • AverageArt, October 2018
  • A5 Magazine, October 2018
  • Wotistart, October 2018
  • AR/VR Art Show, Bern Switzerland, 2017
  • NASTY Women's Show, UK, 2017

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